TickTick app - good surprise so far

@matthewcassinelli and @AlexCox mentioned TickTick app in their podcast and I got curious.

I’m a happy Todoist user but got blown away when I saw this new app doing all that Todoist does (including having a web app that is critical to me!!) plus having checklists within the tasks (something I’ve been asking Todoist for) and due dates. The Pomodores is a great extra.

The cherry on top of the cake is its feature to import from Todoist which is a nice and quick way to run a proper trial :grinning:

Very tempted in switching!

Anyone else using it??

I played with it a few months ago. It’s not bad. It’s lists/checkists married to a calendar, with decent collaboration (which I don’t personally have a need for) and duration is a compelling feature as well. Ticktick does subtasks much better than Todoist.

I am using Todoist in large part because it has an awesome 2-way-sync with Google Calendar (which I live inside) so that I see dated/timed events in GC and I can move them in GC and they’ll immediately get changed in Todoist. Ticktick doesn’t match that feature, which I love. Todoist has much better integrations, from Zapier to Spark to Google Drive/Dropbox to Airmail to Drafts to 1Password to Scanbot.

And Todoist is rolling out some major changes over the next few weeks, so I’d wait to see what they present.

Be careful with apps the Supercomputer podcast peeps recommend - they have a tendency to flit from app to app, and Alex especially has weird use-cases; a couple of episodes ago she talked about how she used to put in OmniFocus all the steps she needed to take in the shower, like shampoo her hair. Yo, cray-cray, that.

Decent basic comparison between Todoist and Ticktick here:


I’m very much invested in Todoist so not very easy for me to But to be fair, TickTick seems to be a really solid solution, nicely designed, and user friendly.
I might stick with Todoist, but will keep an eye on TickTick.

Just wanted to chime in to say that TickTick for me hits the sweet spot between all the other task managers.

  • It’s the only one I found that marries Calendars and tasks in a calendar display
  • the habit tracker and Pomodoro timer are built-in. Want to simply track your time per task? Use the stopwatch instead.
  • As of lately, you can nest tasks up to 5 levels deep. More than enough for most projects, but you’re able to get complex
  • You can have custom perspectives in the likes of Todoist and OmniFocus. It supports tags and has a built-in priority system (4 levels)
  • last but not least: it offers a review pane in the summary section, which enables you to review a customizable time range in the detail level you prefer, including notes and subtasks

Sounds really like much, but you don’t have to use all the features, right? The flexibility makes processing projects easier. Also, it combines at least three apps into one for me. Built-in oversight (and the resulting calm).

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I am very impressed with TickTick. I appreciate that it works everywhere. I am currently using Things and switching costs are not worth it for me.

if I was starting from scratch, TickTick would be way on top of the list.

I am also have a bit of a concern of the ownership of TickTick. Anyone can shed some light into who owns TickTick. Not much is known there. A task manager can have a lot of personal data.

Omnifocus is the best with privacy.

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The TickTick dev team is a small private CA company called Appest Inc. They started with an Android app in 2010 called GTasks that hooked into Google Tasks, and then came out with GNotes a year later. TicKTick launched in 2013.

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What do you mean by CA company? I thought the developers were based in Asia. Not sure though. May be incorrect.

I’m in the same boat. I like the idea of TickTick, but I just can’t see myself switching at this point after buying in to Things. However I did give it another shot this past month.

My biggest gripe with TickTick ended up being the inconsistency between platforms. Missing keyboard shortcuts, slightly different design language, features aren’t released at the same time (iOS != macOS), etc… So it just became frustrating trying to work with it. But I admit that the prospects of it are great. I hope they work on their consistency and I might check it out again in the future.

They’re a private company with international funding, including Chinese, headquartered in Santa Clara. There’s an old, interesting forum discussion about the company, it’s locale, and privacy here. Boils down to data being in US, but company has access to it (and, like every other company with such data, promises not to look at it).

I totally understand your first point, @kennonb! I am also torn between Things and TickTick. My final decision was based on the possibility to plan in the calendar and export tasks easily to Roam. Both points were major friction creators with Things.

As for the consistency, that is still an issue. But actually, the feature set for me is such that the stuff I need is robust now on all platforms. Anything else is not that relevant and I can wait to have the experience on all platforms.

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I read this as “TikTok app - good surprise so far” :rofl: