Tile Bluetooth Tracker - Lost In Another Distant Area; Recovery?

This past July of 2018, I participated in RAGBRAI. RAGBRAI is a bicycle ride across the state of Iowa. Well, according to the supporting smartphone app for the device, I apparently lost a Tile brand Bluetooth tracker along the route. A Tile Pro, to be exact. Luckily, there was nothing of value attached to the Tile. Unfortunately, the Tile Pro is sort of pricey and I thought it might be interesting to attempt to retrieve the Tile, as an experiment.

Has anyone in the group lost a Tile in a distant location and was able to later retrieve it? I was just curious how that process went.


One of the things that convinced me to buy the Tiles I have in the first place was an Amazon review. Someone lost their house keys and couldn’t find them, marked them as lost and a month or so later got a notification they had been found (in the tile app). As everyone who uses Tile’s phones look for all tiles, if it’s a populated area the chances may be good of finding it. Unfortunately no-one else will know they have located it!