Tile deal- still going on

Tile is still offering some holiday bundles. If you buy the 4-pack or 8-pack, you’ll get a free 3rd Gen Evho Dot (offer valid only for US addresses, sorry)
Tile bundle /promo

Has anyone else had a failure with these? I’ve had two of them so far that, within a couple months, inexplicably stopped working.

Mine lost connection after 11 months and I got email offer for buying replacement Tiles at disounted price. Stopped using them though. Had the impression that they drain the battery of my iPhone (about 25% less battery at the end of the day than without Tile activated). Also, at one occasion I got VIP screening at the security of an airport because the officers were not familiar with these small devices in my briefcase that appear as suspicious circuitry on the x-ray monitors.

Did you contact tile support?

I’ve since discarded them, but no I did not. They were relatively inexpensive, but after the second failure I got the impression they were not quality products.

I hope you ecycled them, instead of throwing them in the garbage.
That’s a shame- you may have bene able to get them replaced under warranty.

As a matter of fact, my previous Uni had a place to drop older nonfunctional e-stuff, so that’s where I retired them :slight_smile: