Tile device are they worth the money?

Does the tile devices work? I believe I have a need for a friend. I checked the videos and they appear to work. Any feed back would be great.

They work. Tile isn’t the only manufacturer - here’s a recent review comparing a few competitors:

Also note that Apple is apparently readying its own entrant in the tile-tracking, based on code that 9to5Mac found in iOS 13 back in April:

I use them on multiple things and they have worked well. found my dropped keys in new orleans with the app.

My Tiles are my lifesavers. I attach them to anything that I want to track. I don’t know how I could live with them.

I launch the Tile app on my iPhone. When I get closer to my Tile, I can see the circle fill up as I get closer. The circle diminish the further away I get from the Tile. I can also tap “Find my Tile” and it’ll sound off until I finally find it.

I can also long press a button on my Tile to find my iPhone as well.

It’s well worth the price for me.

I’ve had them for a while - the switch to ones with replaceable batteries made me buy quite a few more! They added a subscription where it can ping you if you leave your keys behind and I didn’t buy it - until I left my house keys in a hotel in Amsterdam and it took a week for the hotel to find them (which mysteriously happened when I told them there was a tracking device attached and they’d been located by other guests in the hotel through the lost mode…!). Now I have the subscription and it’s saved me a few times - mostly from the inconvenience of being locked out but it’s handy!