Tile has been sold to Life360 - Potential Privacy Implications

It may or may not be of interest to the Tile customers in this community.

Tile has been sold to Life360 (TheVerge). You may have read that.

Then this happened:

Not exactly a comforting read.

According to Life360 CEO Hulls, “the company doesn’t have plans to sell data from Tile devices”.


I am even more happy with my switch to AirTags.


I think you can take the word potential out of your post headline.

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Threw my Tiles away last week.
Good riddance it seems.
I replaced them with AirTags.
But AirTags are not without their own privacy concerns, such as tagging cars to be stolen later from the owner’s driveway (ref).



Still, I think that Apple is trying to balance privacy while maintaining the ability to track things. There still is room for privacy concerns, even with AirTags. But that is the nature of a tracking device… :slight_smile: I do not see a 100% reliable solution there. It is an ongoing struggle to balance privacy and usability.


Maybe not - but that doesn’t mean they don’t have desires, intentions, strategies, aspirations etc to do so


Not sure that has anything to do with privacy. If someone follows you home that would be the same thing. It’s criminal and dangerous, but I’d not call this in any way related to the article that started this thread.

Would you mind if I put a tracking device on your car?

Reportedly, thieves are identifying fancy cars in public parking lots, surreptitiously attaching AirTags to them, and then following the cars home and stealing them.

The solution to the car thing is to be like me and drive a Yaris.

Nobody will ever steal my car.

Plus side: it’s cheap.


Depends on which country you live in :wink:

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I hesitated to express my thoughts in their entirety. I will do so now:

EVERY time when a CEO of a company like Life360 goes on the record saying that he does not have plans to sell data from an acquired company I consider that data already as being sold or used for whatever purpose that leads to profits. Follow the money… :slight_smile: