Tiled window management

I agree that it sometimes needs to be turned off but indeed it’s on rare occasions. Still using it and still loving it. I ended up really liking the “focus follows mouse” feature, too — even though I would consider it work in progress as floating windows or the menu bar are more like a pain in these situations with that specific setting. I’ve commented on the devs Github, so we’ll see.

In the meantime I would be really happy to find some “write defaults magic” which I can tie to a shortcut to enable/disable “focus follows mouse” on the fly without interrupting my flow. The only thing I’ve found so far seems to only work on the terminal, so for now I guess I’ll have to live with it (which I can, but of course I’ll keep digging).

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I’ve started playing with Amethyst this afternoon.

Ow my head.

I’m not giving up though!

Never heard of Total Spaces till today. Amazing app after checking out their website but having to disable Mac security feature is a no-no :unamused:. Search continue for an app to manage windows and spaces.


I assume you’re referring to the seemingly endless list of keyboard shortcuts?

And the confusing documentation. All this talk about throwing windows seems like it could result in quite a bit of broken glass.

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