TimB’s Battlestation

Thanks to @TiffanyW_412 for the inspiration, here is my home office setup.

I work from home, but sadly have to use a Lenovo ThinkPad for the majority of my work. However, I constantly utilize my iMac, iPad and/or iPhone though throughout the day using OmniFocus, Drafts 5, Fantastical and others.


  • iMac 5K (late 2014)
  • Magic Trackpad and Keyboard (v2)
  • iPad Pro 12.9”
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPhone X
  • HomePod
  • Scansnap ix500
  • Canon Pixma printer
  • Mophie Qi charger
  • WD passport for bootable backup (clone) sitting on Twelve South backpack behind iMac
  • WD My Book 3TB for digital movies
  • WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo 8TB for home movies, videos of kids sporting events and photos
  • Lenovo ThinkPad connected to two 23” monitors for my day job
  • USB Apple keyboard with num pad connected to laptop
  • Uplift standing desk with stool and anti fatigue mats




That dual screen setup? How’s that working/what’s going on there, on the right?

Thoughts on the wobble chair? Worth the investment?

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I’m really enjoying the dual monitor set up. Been using dual monitors for a few years but it was just a couple months ago when the company ‘upgraded’ my 8 year old Dell laptop to the Lenovo. The new docking station (Lenovo UltraDock I believe) and laptop combo now support three monitors; the two hanging plus the laptop screen. I’m liking this set up better as I toss my email and Skype for business on the top right monitor (semi split screen), then use the laptop screen for passwords, file opening, etc. and the top left screen gets whatever I’m currently working on. If I’m running reports or multiple programs than the top two monitors are all business and email/Skype get tucked behind or closed altogether.

I also throw my iPad Pro in the mix here as I often have Fantastical open for reference, OmniFocus for tasks or Drafts for notes or tasks that didn’t quite make it to OmniFocus because I can knock them all out quickly and leaving them in Drafts with the ‘tasks’ markdown boxes works well enough.

I converted to a standing desk in January and picked up the stool at that time too. It just wasn’t uncommon for me to find myself sitting for hours so I needed something to help further encourage more movement throughout the day and the stool has helped. I think the combination of the standing desk and the stool, which leaves only some slight bend in the knees, has encouraged me to stand up more and to pace more when on calls rather than leaning back in a chair and further sinking in.

This particular stool is still listed at $88, so it’s a fairly small investment to try out and I believe they offer a no questions return policy if you get one (verify that first though), tried it for a couple days and decided it wasn’t for you.