Time blocking / hyper scheduling in craft?

Is anyone using craft for hyper scheduling? I’m trying to pick with obsidian or craft to stick to for a month, as recommended, but haven’t used either much.

I know @Bmosbacker used both extensively and landed on Obsidian. He can probably add more context or may be follow his recommendations and start with Obsidian.

@Ted_Martin @mina, I do not hyper-schedule. Instead, I selectively block schedule deep work time (6-9:30am) each day and I block time for complex projects throughout the week, otherwise, my EA handles my schedule. That said, even if I hyper scheduled my days, I would not use a text-based note program like Obsidian or Craft to do so. I rely on my calendar application for all scheduling. I use applications like Obsidian exclusively for notes, research, and writing. I use a dedicated task manager for tasks/projects.

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