Time for a new iPad?

I have a 5th generation iPad (I don’t remember how long ago I got it….long ago). It works fine for what I need it for (games, watching Netflix, taking with me to conventions when materials I need are multiple pages long). At times the app I am using will close out and return to the Home Screen. I am wondering if this is a sign I should consider a new iPad (I have been looking at the larger screen ones and very interested). Thoughts?

Well, a new standard iPad or iPad Air will certainly be more responsive and both have a bigger screen. A 5th iPad is from 2017 with an A9 so while it’s still running the most up to date version of iPadOS it’s likely going to be slower at times. I’d guess the app closing and returning to the Homescreen is a sign that it has just quit, possibly due to limits of the hardware.

You could go longer with it of course but if it’s quitting often enough to be annoying then sure, upgrade!

In Hoc Signo Tabula Emo, as the saying goes. I second the suggestion to look at the iPad Air that just came out. Should easily last another several years.

Same boat… does what I need it to do, but saw a rumor (you know what “they” say) the iOS 16 will not support the iPad 5… alas, alak, may have to beg Santa… or a birthday present…