Time lapse photos to video

Today I got a small present with the instructions “make something fun”. And the present was actually small; 4 micro-SD cards. However, they contains some 43000+ photos from a time-lapse (I guess the photos are recorded during a time span of 1-2 months).

With this amount of photos, what would be a good choice for creating a movie (including culling uninteresting photos and adding my own photos) with the ability to do some editing of time etc?

I don’t know if Photos is good for this, Lightroom, iMovie, or something else. I would appreciate some advice from those of you that have done something on this scale.

are you talking about a “proper” time-lapse, like this one, or something like 10 years of family photos to assemble in a movie?

For the first case Lightroom + LRTimelapse may be the best solution, albeit quite costly for a one shot project.

Otherwise you can assemble time-lapse in photoshop, for example.

Quicktime used to allow that too, but I think it was removed some os ago.

One camera in the same location for about two months (wall mounted). I’ll take a look at LRTimelapse

And yes, it was pricey… I might need to find something else

It has a free trial, don’t recall if it allows to do a full export or has limitation.

Sorry, I don’t have experience with other tools

No problem, I’ll play around and see what happens.

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