Time limits on my Airport Extreme

I have five kids. Two of them need WiFi access at home after 9pm. The other three should be asleep at that time.

Is there a way to cordon off the WiFi access, so that the password changes at 9pm, or only another network appears, or some such solution? They don’t each have their own device such that I can use Parental Controls or Screen Time: we pool the MacBooks and iPads.

Thanks, Andrew

Not with an AirPort Extreme other then using an old fashioned timer on it to turn the power off…

I suggest to invest in an other router like the Synology RT2600AC.

Actually this won’t work well with pooled devices, as it is not user based restricions. So it would require individual devices to be 100% effective.

@AndySaff :

On the macs it is easy: parental controls per user.
You can create a kids user, or a user per kid to accomplish this.

iOS is more a problem. I gave my oldest her first iOS device (iPad) when we got to this issue (every parent does). Using iOS restrictions settings I restricted what I could on iOS, set up access restrictions for that device on the router and enabled OpenDNS.

I had the other iOS devices that the younger kids might have access to during the day locked away in the evening after bedtime. (again, macs: not needed)