Time Machine and CCC - External Drives Connection Issue?

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if someone can

  1. shed some light on this topic
  2. outline your own flow

I decided not to overburden my Synology NAS with continuous Time Machine Backups, mainly because it seems that every MacOS update has always caused some issue with doing a TM backup to Synology. All that aside.

For the last 4 months, I have experimented with the following setup.

  • 4 TB Passport (sits on desk, always connected) - sole job is Time Machine daily.
  • 4 TB Passport (sits on desk, always connected) - sole job is running CCC daily.

It works great, but the only thing I noticed (that I am hoping someone can answer)

  • Spotlight has become sluggish and isn’t as fast as it was prior to this setup.
  • Example, if I type into Spotlight (any item I am looking for) 1) sluggish 2) I am presented with 2 copies, the copy on my mac locally and the copy on CCC.

Does anyone have a similar setup? Anyone have the same issue? Is there something I overlooked in the settings?

Thank you!

In System Preferences under Spotlight you can have those drives excluded from searching, and indexing. Should bring the pep back to Spotlight.


Both replies above are good advice to address this.

I have good results with Chronosync.

Exclude the drives from spotlight and unmount the ccc drive once it is finished would indeed also be my suggestion

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Ditto. I have a similar setup – external HDs for both TM and CCC. Spotlight DOES NOT index them; only the SSD of my MBP.

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I’ve got something very similar but I have 2 external hard drives with 2 partitions eacd. Both have a Time Machine partition, one had my CCC daily BU of my machine and 1 has my CCC BU of my partition on our NAS. I also have a Time Machine BU going to the NAS as well.

I haven’t seen any major issues but I do have it set to not index the external drives.

Thank you everyone for the help. From the suggestions, I had CCC unmount automatically after it completes its daily task. I also set Spotlight to not index the externals. Macbook is feeling back to normal all over again finally.

Thank you to everyone!!

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