Time to Upgrade from TextExpander 5?

My new MBPro M1 just arrived. Was previously running TextExpander 5 via Dropbox synch on my ‘19 MBPro running Monterey with no major problems besides the occassional TextExpander reboot.

I’m trying to get TextExpander 5 to work on the new machine but the Dropbox sync file is greyed out.

Am I missing something? TextExpander Help and google don’t seem to be helping.

Is it time to upgrade to their subscription (I hate, hate, hate subscriptions so will only subscribe if I have to).

I bet it is… :wink:

Damn it ALL! LOL

I’m doing my best in trying and avoid unnecessary subscriptions and I don’t like my vault to be floating around on TextExpander’s server.

Both Alfred and Keyboard Maestro have been great ways to enter text snippets for me. I’m currently very happy with the snippet feature in Alfred.

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Whoa. I use Alfred religiously. I’ll check it out. I use Keyboard Maestro as well but not as much. Any way I can get all my TE snippets into Alfred or would I start from scratch?

I moved my snippets manually from Keyboard Maestro and took the opportunity to cull and leave old unused snippets behind. I’ve got 70 snippets in Alfred at the moment.

You may also wish to consider Typinator, which is superb and has often been discussed here. There is a specifica page on the Typinator website about switching from TextExpander to Typinator.



I was going to suggest Typinator as well.

Depending on your needs, you can even use the build in function of macOS itself.

The facility that Typinator offers for importing snippets looks nice. I can only find “roll your own” solutions for importing into Alfred, like this one GitHub - derickfay/import-alfred-snippets: Import snippets to Alfred 3 from a .csv file

Obligatory plug for espanso:

(I’m not affiliated but am a very happy user of it)

Yep, that’s an artifact of my transition from TE5 to Alfred back when the subscription arrived…I’ll be happy to roll it into Python 3 if anyone needs it.


I just canceled my TE subscription, and moved to an app called QuickKey, primarily because it has an iOS app, which is where I use most of my text expansion.

I am interested in knowing more about the iOS app. Textexpandar got one too but it requires the user to switch to another keyboard. This is not very convenient for me.

How does quickkey works on iOS ?

I do the same as @karlnyhus, @peternlewis himself has said that Keyboard Maestro has limits for snippets. If I understand correctly a dedicated snippet app., TE for example, uses less power under the hood as it were to make a snippet. I don’t think that matters if you have a small number of snippets. I have less than 70 at present and I have had no problems on Keyboard Maestro where all my snippets are at present. I have snippets on palettes, even some mixed in with other kinds of macros on palettes. I find it useful that way.
I understand some coders and other specialized folk have thousands of snippets, which amazed me. ‘lots of snippets’ in other words is a movable feast. I thought I had a lot. I know some professionals who write emails all the time who don’t use them at all though

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Not much better (worse?)… it requires you to flip back and forth between QK and your word processor (or whatever) and copy/paste… for simple phrases I really just prefer Apple’s built-in text replacement service. I use QK primarily for the various email signatures that I have prepared, depending on the email…

if it is just email signature, would the Mac/iOS text replacement do the job? That’s what I end up using, no app, no cost

I did not know that. Keyboard Maestro had always worked well enough for my snippets needs, but was rather utilitarian and a bit clunky. Alfred’s user interface is so beautiful that, when I finally adopted Alfred (rather late in the game), I went all-in on as many features as I could.

However, I still use Keyboard Maestro for macros as I haven’t yet wrapped my head around the way that Alfred does workflows. :upside_down_face:


Unless I am doing something horribly wrong, which is always a possibility, I can never get signature blocks with multiple lines (say, with name/address/ph) to format correctly with Apple’s Text Replacement… it doesn’t appear (to me, anyways) to support multiple lines

I might reload Alfred then: I own a copy but haven’t had it installed for some time. I didn’t take to the ‘workflows’ and in fairness I didn’t work hard at the learning curve. I didn’t understand the technical details of why Keyboard Maestro uses more resources for snippets than say TE. As Peter Lewis says though it is marginal until you have quite a large number.

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