Time Tracking App Recommendations

I am finally in a position where I think using a time tracking app could help me justify my overtime hours and was wondering if there are any apps that will automatically start when an application opens.

So far I’ve looked into Timerly and Timeular.


Timemator’s Mac app can do that.

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Toggl’s macOS app does as well. It’s called “Autotracker”. I’m also partial to Timing because it now tracks across iOS. It’s a bit pricey though if you don’t use it through something like SetApp.

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Which Version of Timing is included with SetApp?

This is the version in SetApp.

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I’m not sure why they say the web app isn’t included. You gain access to that once you create a sync account. Maybe they mean it isn’t included if you don’t sync? I’m not sure.

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Another approach is to use an app with decent Shortcuts support (Timery, Tyme) and set up automation triggers to turn on a timer when certain apps are opened or closed.

Obviously, this is far more finicky than, say, a Timing-based solution.

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(Sorry for the double-reply.)

Do you find this works well? I saw it but IIRC it is a fairly manual import process each time you want Timing to “read” your iOS/iPadOS data, no?

The initial setup is a bit finicky (I had to toggle ScreenTime on my iPad a couple times to get it working). Once it’s going though I haven’t had any major issues, nor have I had to manually import it in any way.

There are times when it hiccups and data isn’t shown for a portion of my time (so it isn’t failure proof), but overall it’s been working well enough to give me a much clearer picture of my entire day.

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Ah, I see now! They’re using Full Disk Access to read Screen Time data straight from the Mac, after downloading it from iOS/iPadOS. That’s clever.

Gonna have to try it out after all.

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Another option which is a one off purchase: Time Sink from Many Tricks, the company behind Moom

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I use and love Tyme App.
It’s tightly integrated with apple ecosystem, including Watch, Calendar, Shortcuts, etc.

For automatic tracking, I use Timemator

I’ve used toggl on iOS. And while Timery is amazing, it’s so easy to automate Toggl with a button or location I ended up getting rid of Timery.

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Thanks for all the feedback on this topic. I appreciate it.

I’ve been thinking about coming back to Tyme. I can’t use a new trial, though, as I was a previous customer. Does it have anything for “saved timers,” like Timery?

When I looked into time tracking in January I seriously considered ditching Timery/Toggl for Timelines. It looks great, and really concentrates on speed & ease of starting timers. The reasons I didn’t make the switch was that I couldn’t see a way to import historical data, and I don’t see a way to add tags to time entries, but if you don’t need those I suspect it may be better than Timery.

Tyme is Project & Task focused so the timers are saved as projects, sub-projects, tasks & even sub-tasks.

If you want to access a specific timer repeatedly then shortcuts can make that happen with Tyme.

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Thanks! This is exactly what I thought I remembered… gonna have to try it again.