Time Zone Conversion

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Just wondering if anyone has come across a simple online time zone tool? I often have meetings with people across many timezones and ideally would like something where I enter my local time and date for a meeting, and then could send people a link that will automatically show the correct time and date for their location.

I know there are lots of websites that allow you to manually enter a bunch of time zones and will show the adjusted time/dates, but this quickly falls apart after more than a handful of timezones and is annoying to have to manually re-enter this every time. I do not want this type of tool (e.g., Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator).

Thanks in advance

I have used the one from Allison at Podfeet a few times. I am not sure if it gives you enough locations, but always happy to share the resources.


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Are you sure this isn’t done automatically? Back before I retired I had to deal with meetings in many time zones around the world and Calendar seemed to manage that for me. Invites in emails from around the world were automatically converted. There is a checkbox in Preferences–>Advanced for “Turn on time zone support”. Internally its all in Unix Time anyway and always has to convert to your local time for input and display.

This is cool. Does the same as my prettier desktop app World Clock Pro:

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Most calendar aopps will do this, but only after it is added to the calendar and if the proper time zone abbreviation is used.

I have a couple webinar invitations that routinely fail to be added at the proper time. Fantstical doesnt pick it up properly.

Did you check out the “Meeting Planner App” on the page you said you didn’t want? I find it very useful, esp. as it also keeps track of local holidays and observances.

This looks fun. I’ll need to check this out myself. Thank you for sharing this.

I typically use calendar invites or Calendly when scheduling meetings with specific people. As long as the invitees have their time zone set correctly, they should see the correct local time.

When not inviting people (e.g. promoting an event), I typically use the free Event Time Announcer feature of the Time and Date website to create a link that adjusts to the viewer’s local time zone.

You can create Event Time Announcer links here:

For example, here’s a link for a “Sample Event” that’s taking place today (2022-03-21) from 3-4pm PDT. When you click on it you should see the event in your local time zone.


On a side note, if I’m doing the same type of event over and over again, I typically just change the URL from a previous event. For example, if there were another “Sample Event” happening next Monday at 3pm Pacific Time, I could simply change 20220321 to 20220328.


I hope this helps!

In Fantastical you can show multiple timezones in every calendar entry for easy reference.

+1 for World Clock Pro, which integrates functionality to find a reasonable time across timezones by sliding left or right and add slot to your preferred calendar

Alternatively add multiple timezone clocks in iStat Menu for easy reference. Both apps are also available in Setapp

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I’ve used Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click in the past for sending a link. For creating text to send someone with a list of times, I like this: ‎Elsewhen on the App Store

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You may try this free app called Miranda. Although it doesn’t exactly fit the specific use case that you have described, it’s a neat little app to easy surf through times in future/past across various timezones that you choose.

My only gripe with World Clock Pro is that the menubar icon doesn’t have a quick reference dropdown. Clicking it only opens the main screen so its pretty useless.

Raycast does this for me and I’m sure it could be set up in Alfred also.



Calendar does a version of this and I regularly use this when sending calendar invites. I was trying to find something that similarly automatically adjusted for each person but outside of a calendar event. For instance, if I’m organizing an event with hundreds of people (e.g., webinar), I don’t want to send calendar invites to everyone or I may not have the contact info to do so.

I saw this, but like other websites it still requires me to enter all the timezones, which is what I’m trying to avoid.

I’ve used Calendly in the past to allow people to book meetings with me, but I’m thinking of cases where I don’t know specific people (e.g., public webinar).

This is probably the (second) closet thing to what I had in mind, though I initially thought you had to pick a location from the dropdown but now realize you can just type anything in the location box.

Yes, this I think is just the type of thing I was looking for. Leave it to @ismh to bring the big calendar energy. :nerd_face:

Tried this in the past but was a bit too simple, albeit pretty.

Hmm. I think I may have not explained my goal very well. I don’t want to do the conversion myself, I want to have the magical inter-webs to convert on the recipients side when they click a link or go to a webpage.

Thanks everyone!