Timelapse software suggestions?

I used my GoPro to take a timelapse with over 4000 photos. I used to use GoPro studio to edit timelapses, but it is no longer available for download. I changed computer since I last used GoPro Studio, and still have it on a backup disk, and I’m still running Mojave so I can explore reinstalling it even if it’s 32 bit.
However, the options I have available today are GoPro Quik and iMovie.

GoPro Quik does not support movies longer than 60 seconds. I have about 2.5 minutes of footage at 30 frames per second. I suppose I could delete 2/3 of the originals and work with GoPro Quik.

I tried iMovie as well. I have an i7, 32GB RAM and a Vega 20 GPU. The photos appeared in iMovie but it beachballed so much that it could not even display the activity indicator. I had to leave it overnight to do whatever it was doing to prepare to export the 10fps version of the movie. The workflow in iMovie is that each photo can take a minimum of 1/10 second, so you have to export the movie at 10fps, reimport it and speed it up x3 to get to 30fps.

So, does anyone have a recommendation for Timelapse software for Mac, or any thoughts on using the GoPro apps?

As reported in another thread, Lightroom can do this.

Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, or both?

I only use Lightroom Classic, the desktop version whose icon has square corners. I still find iOS and Desktop Lightroom, whose icon has round corners, like working while wearing boxing gloves, so I can’t say whether it can create timelapses.

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I don’t know if this will be helpful, but I’ve been using Time Lapse Assembler to create time lapse videos from hundreds of photos of my family decorating the Christmas Tree for years. It works well for me. Once the video is done, I import to iMovie to add music/titles/effects/etc.


Edited to add: I see from the comments that recent software updates have broken the app. That’s disappointing. :confused: Not sure how we’ll do the video this year.