Timer app with voice annoucements


Could anyone please recommend me a timer app that every x minutes announces word of my choosing?

For example, let’s say I want to practice Yoga and there are 15 exercises each of various time lengths.

I would like to set in a project within this app called ‘Yoga - Back and Neck’ which has 15 timers that run one after another and when each activates it says “downward dog”, the next “cat pose” etc

Anything like this available?

Couple of suggestions (starting points):


CrossFit gym timer

I like MultiTimer: Multiple timers by Sergey Astakho

It allows all sorts of timers and groupings/repeats to be set and you can record yourself and use that as the alarm phrase. For your purpose, a single interval timer with an interval for each pose and the appropriate position name spoken as the alarm would work.

Is this for Mac or iOS?

On the Mac you could do something with Keyboard Maestro and the say command in a shell script.

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Task Player allows you to set up a list of actions with durations, perfect for stretching or yoga.

I use this Interval Timer