Timer time tracking questions

Hi all,

I wanted to start with time tracking and remembered this episode 637 about time tracking apps.

I began with Timery for Toggl and was not aware, that timer is based on Toggl, but okay, it is what it is.
I downloaded the app and subscribed to the pro functionality with 14 days trial.

I also logged in on Toggle to check what this is. Obviously my data is also there. There I was prompted with a 30 day trail period and the question regarding payment details for the subscription (roughly 30€ per month) what I am not willing to pay.

  • Is this necessary to have that Toggl subscription to use Timery?
  • Can I use Timery with iCloud only instead?

Secondly I unintentionally entered some data in March and I can see that data, at least the time on that Project. But I cannot edit this. Is there a way to delete that entry?

Thank you in advance for your help


No. You can use it with the free version of Toggl.

No, not that I’m aware of. Toggl is a requirement.

  1. Go to https://track.toggl.com
  2. Go to Reports
  3. Go to the day in question
  4. Select the vertical ••• menu and then select “Delete”.

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@kennonb Thank you very much