Timery Apple Watch Widget Not Refreshing

Ever since I updated to iOS 16 and watchOS 9, the Timery widget on my Apple Watch never refreshes. While a timer is running, it only ever shows as 1 sec on the widget and when the timer is stopped, it doesn’t disappear for ages. I was waiting the problem to resolve, but it hasn’t yet and it’s been driving me crazy.

Is this happening for anyone else? Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Timery widget - I seem to recall that I had issues with this on iPhone w iOS 15 also.

I’ve noticed my Water Minder widget is permanently stuck on 75% on multiple watch faces. Not sure if it was since iOS 16/watchOS 9, but must have been close if not exactly.

The developer has spoken about this problem on Twitter.

Thank you so much; appreciate it.

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No worries! It looks like the situation is improving. I’m eager for a Timery widget on my Lock Screen during the work day.