Timery Shortcuts ios15

So I just updated to iOS 15, and my Timery shortcut for adding time entries now require me to punch a calendar and use a wheel for choosing the time instead of just being able to keyboard in text. Is there anyway to get back to the old way of keyboarding in the time?

Looks like this is the new interface for Timery. Ugh

I don’t have Timery, but If you tap the time box it should open to either a keyboard to type in the time or, if it opens to scroll wheels, tap the scroll wheels and the keyboard should appear. You should also be then able to tap on just the hours or minutes to only have to update that part of the time.

Hope this helps.

This also happens on the Macos version. Ugh…
What is so wrong about having a simple form interface? Why does everything suddenly feel like a minigame? I’m just trying to input time, not collect magic mushrooms or something.


^ Lol at collecting magic mushrooms.

Anyway, does toggling the setting in my screenshot help you out?
CleanShot 2022-02-11 at 12.00.10

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Err… Yes… 20 chars :slight_smile:

Tony, that used to work, but not any more. Not with the newest update.

Where is this setting? I can’t find it on iOS.

Inside settings → bottom of the third group of settings (not counting the subscription bit at the top as a group).

Thank you. I appreciate it so much… but I already have that turned off. It’s different kind of wheel than the big one that appears when you have that turned on, but it still doesn’t let you just type the time in.