Tim's home office


My home office set up. Equipment on the desk is…

iMac 27" 5K
Samsung 4K 27" monitor
MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar
iPad Pro 9.7"
iPhone X
ScanSnap iX500
Blue Yeti Microphone
Anglepoise Lamp
BT DECT phone
Volador fan

Equipment under desk:
Drobo 5N
Netgear GS108 Gigabit switch
BT Home Hub 6 router
JVC 2.1 sound system connected to ELAC speakers

I don’t have a printer in my study, we have a shared one downstairs but I am trying not to print too much these days.

I am due to start working from home much more shortly as I give up the day job and go it alone. I am wondering whether to get another monitor as I like plenty of screen space and have been used to a three monitor setup at the office.

I think it will perhaps be too crowded? Was considering putting the Samsung in portrait mode and getting another one alongside it, also in portrait. Any views?

Many thanks,


Most important question :wink: - it that the Lake Wanaka tree?

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Yes! I am a keen photographer and visited NZ last year. I have created a co-ordinated set of wallpaper from one of my favourite shots of the Wanaka Tree - have it on all my Apple devices.

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I too have several photos of the tree. :slight_smile: :new_zealand:

Looks a good setup, Tim.

I use a monitor in portrait orientation in the Office, and find it works really well for viewing Portrait documents (PDFs, etc), and for endless Excel documents. Probably less beneficial for more creative work.

Of course, space is the key issue. At home I have a single monitor that I plug my Macbook Pro into when I want to do some more serious work.

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