Tiny House/Office with a view

I’ve got 3 to 4 workspaces in and around my tiny house/office. My favorite to use when the weather is nice is the porch which has a nice view of a small lake and surrounding woodland. When I took this shot of the iPad last night there were 7 or so deer in the front yard (not so much a yard as a small bit of grass in the woods).
My other most used work area is my futon which is up against a wall which I’ve custom built with reclaimed wood to form a series of pockets and shelves. There’s plenty of space here for iPads, iPhone, HomePod, chargers, etc. I’ve got a couple of options for adding/removing “desk space” easily as I need. Sometimes I’m using the Smart Keyboard, other times the Brydge and other times an external keyboard and other times no keyboard at all. Depends on my mood or task. Flexibility of form is one of the great benefits of an iPad so I take advantage of it.

I do most of my work from the 12.9" iPad, freelance, mostly website coding/management/design and graphic design. Primary work related apps used are Textastic, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Pages, FileBrowser, Files, Mail, Messages.

My least used space is a series of shelves which form a standing desk for a 2012 Mac Mini which is only used for InDesign projects and as an File/iTunes/Plex server. Below that a tv connected to an AppleTV.


What a great view! Reminds me I need to work outdoors more :wink: