TIP: Reenable virtual web-cams in macOS ver. of Microsoft Teams

A recent Microsoft Teams update disabled/disallowed the use of virtual cameras(!) in the macOS version.

That prevented me from using a GoPro as an external webcam and also blocked software I was testing to switch inputs:

I’ve been working on how to set up a camera with a wide-enough field of view to capture a classroom with socially distanced people and integrate them & online participants for a veterans business incubator group. Some will attend (socially distanced) in person and some will attend online.

Bought a great Logitech webcam the Logitech C930c HD Smart 1080P that has an extra setting for wide-view; but it was not wide enough. Fun side note: the “c” in the name is because it’s the version sold in Asia – Amazon apologizes b/c it’s in a brown box and does not come with the cam control software. It’s about $30 more for a shiny box and software that I downloaded for free from the Logitech site!

So I had to expand. A GoPro has a wider field of view; but to work as a webcam, one must run their webcam software.

This makes it a “virtual camera” I guess (comes in via software vs. a driverless/no-special-intervention path).

MS Teams disabled that! … I was also experimenting with ManyCam’s live video software & virtual webcam. ManyCam looks like an interesting video source switcher that adds several special features and live streaming output options.

MS Teams’ update disabled ManyCams as well!

Found the fix on ManyCam’s forums.

Two terminal commands to run solved it for me (exit out of teams and then type, in terminal):

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams.app"

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper.app"

When I restarted, I had to give the app permission to access my keychain and it worked!

If anyone has any tips or thoughts about why that fix (above) might be a bad idea, please let me know!

I originally cut and pasted directly from the forums and the lines did not work – They were smart quotes! … Fixed that and all went well.

Edit: Worked well for me, YMMV! … I suppose if someone had their Mac set up to not run unsigned software, this might “break” MS Teams for them(!); but a simple re-install ought to fix that.

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I have used this solution. You will have to run the terminal commands again after Teams updates itself. Also, I find that Teams forgets that I have enabled the new meeting experience after I remove the code signature.

Recently, Teams has downgraded the quality of the video stream from the virtual camera. I just decided to live without the cameras because the Teams experience keeps changing on me after removing the code signature.

You can join Teams meetings in a web browser and still use the virtual cameras. This is a good solution if you do not need a virtual background.

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