Tips for When AirDrop Gets Flaky (+Possibly Fix Safari iCloud Tabs too)

I had issues with AirDrop and Safari iCloud Tab since monday. It’s annoying issue that temporarily fixed after I upgrade to iOS 14.5 and Big Sur 11.3. Handoff works well though.

I tried turning off and on AirDrop many times via Control Center. No positive result

Just today, I got real frustrated when I want to AirDrop a screenshot from iOS to macOS, so I opened and clicked AirDrop on Favorites sidebar section. I see that there’s all my device located by my macbook. So I tried AirDropping the screenshot again. It works!

That was 12 hours ago, and up until now, AirDrop works just like how we expect it to be. Just now I checked Safari iCloud Tab and it syncs perfectly too (I don’t know how it’s related but well).

Maybe this will help someone. If you have more cryptic way to fix AirDrop / Handoff / Clipboard / Safari iCloud Tab, please share!