To Apple Watch or not to Apple Watch

Hey all. Would love some insight on whether or not an Apple Watch is worth it for my lifestyle. I am on my third full day of trialling a Series 7 with cellular, and love the fitness tracking, but more or less hate the watch faces.

Here are some things I’m considering:

  • I’ve put on weight during Covid and would love to work it off
  • This is a business expense for me, and there are other things I could get with the money that will have a financial return (the Watch will not financially return, technically)
  • Before this watch, I’ve worn a traditional watch (which I love) for 6 or 7 years. It still works just fine, and I much prefer it as a timepiece
  • The fitness tracking on the Watch is amazing, and I’ll have a hard time without the watch if I can’t find similar apps on the phone
  • as far as finding similar apps on the phone, I (regrettably) can’t run all year round. We live in the Canadian suburbs, and running in the below-freezing weather during the winter is something I’m not willing to do. I would consider Fitness+ if I kept the Watch, particularly for those indoor months.

Keeping the watch will work out similarly to a traditional gym membership over the course of a year. For somebody like me, is the Watch worth it, or should I be considering a gym?

Feel free to pepper me with questions, share personal experiences, etc.

I am a little confused on the dilemma if you have a watch to try. If you like it, keep it, if after a couple of weeks it doesn’t seem to do much to improve your life, return it. That said, my thoughts:

I think the Apple Watch is only ok for workouts. It’s fine for the average person who just runs around the block sometimes or wants to track their steps. With the right apps, you can get more use out of it, but a real GPS watch is just much better if you are serious about runs, rides, etc. I am semi-serious runner/cyclist and the Apple Watch is not good enough at those things for me. (The Apple Watch is better at everything else though.)

I do use Apple Fitness almost daily on the other hand. Mostly yoga and core, but I have also been doing Palates since they came out with it. It is great for those workouts, but I didn’t find it very good at motivating me for stuff like bike rides (indoor bike riding needs more than a good instructor to make it fun for me). I really enjoy Apple Fitness and find it to be worth the money for what I use it for. Try your free demo of it to help make a decision on it.

The health stuff has also been very helpful. If it wasn’t for the Watch I wouldn’t have known about a heart problem I am having and I am seeing a cardiologist next week for, after a trip to ER last month. I can’t say the watch saved my life, but it let me know something was wrong.

Outside of fitness, I find the watch to be a great everyday watch. Find a screen you like with the data you want and you are set. I like getting notifications on it, controlling music, Apple Pay, etc.

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All this is great, thanks. To speak to this point: I’m really torn. Love the motivational tools, hate the watch faces so far. :man_shrugging:

I think you learn to like the faces. I go for data though, so I have a data heavy screen that might not be pretty, but I like to check at a glance. You can also use shortcuts to change watch faces at certain times, but I stopped using that myself since I didn’t have a lot of use for it.

For end of the day, I put it on the sundial one for looks.

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You can add your own images to Photos to use as faces. I have a folder set up and the images change all the time. So that is pretty nifty.

Also, there are loads of faces. You can design your own, purchase extras. There truly is a wide array of images you can use.

You might want to pick up the Watch Guide in the Apple Bookstore to see all the functions you can use. That might give you a better idea.

Also you can continue to use dressy watch when you are going out, or going to special events. I know many do that. I don’t personally use anything other than Apple Watch. As @Leeabe51 mentioned, it’s great for Fitness+, and I love it for that, and learned to make it part of my lifestyle. I depend on it for notifications, so I don’t necessarily worry about my iPhone being attached to me around the house.

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