To Daisy chain or not to daisy chain. That is the question

Hi all,

Is there any advantage to me daisy-chaining my two monitors to my Mini, other than saving a port?

I have two identical monitors, each with one 1.2 DisplayPort and two HDMI.

I’d be grateful for views as I’m not brilliant with the hardware side of things.


How can you daisy chain the monitors if they have only 1 DisplayPort port each?

I think you’d need 1 for input from the Mac and another for connecting the second monitor?

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Could I utilise the HDMI for daisychaining?

No, that isn’t possible with HDMI.

Only Thunderbolt 3 screens van de daisy-chained on one port. But, I don’t think it works on a M1 mini, which supports 1 screen via Thunderbolt (display port) and the other via HDMI out of the box.

I have three 4k screens connected to an M1 mini:
1 via Thunderbolt direct to the Mini
1 via HDMI direct to the Mini
1 via a DisplayLink adapter connected to USB on my Caldigit Thunderbolt dock