To draft or not to draft?

Now that Drafts is available on Mac, I’ve a silly question: why input text on Drafts and not simply on the Notes app?


Sharing: I use Drafts on iOS and Mac as a place to start text and then send it somewhere. Most often I use it to compose longer text messages before sending (and not having to deal with the Messages app’s tiny editing window, or the possibility I’ll accidentally Send before I’m finished):

I think a lot of us have asked this question as well. Me as recently as yesterday.

I’ve got all my notes in Notes (after switching from Evernote). I use Drafts on iOS and when I upgraded to Mojave recently, I installed Drafts on the Mac.

I like having the Drafts menu bar item. If Notes has a menu bar option, I have no idea where it is. What’s nice about the Drafts menu item is that you can start a note from scratch OR with whatever is in your clipboard. I find that useful.

I briefly toyed with the idea of using Drafts for all my notes but I have attachments and as far as I know, Drafts does not hold attachments so it’s a non-starter for me.

The big benefit to me right now though is having Drafts sync across devices. It’s so nice to write on iOS and have that readily available for use on my Mac and vice versa. I used to text things to myself.

Think of Drafts like an inbox.

You start typing there and then decide what to do with the text. Maybe it’s contact information. Maybe it’s a calendar appointment. Maybe it’s a reminder. Maybe it’s a blog idea. Maybe it’s a link to important research.

Without Drafts, you might have to decide where to put it before you start typing. But with Drafts, it doesn’t matte. Just start typing. After you’re done, you can use Drafts actions (iOS for now, but coming to macOS) to send that text wherever it ultimately belongs.


Thanks to the Mac App and Workspaces, I made Drafts my primary text editor instead of Ulysses and was able to quit Setapp. Once the Mac app has actions and scripts and some more themes, it will be near perfect :slight_smile:

I type stuff on my computer while making calls and stuff and then I’ll go to my phone and run an action. It’s super fast to sync.

I store pretty everything in Evernote, but I may have some other places to send stuff beforehand.

I’m trying to do something similar.
After some initial struggle I’m starting to like the workspace organization.

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Ah, the initial struggle, the way of app learning. Takes effort get off the ground…

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Good idea is also go through some popular actions and try them. Once I started sending stuff to Things and Fantastical, I was in love :slight_smile:

I love Drafts for iOS for quick capture, text messages, quick lists, exporting OF3 tasks, etc. I open Drafts on my Mac every day and try different ways to utilize the app for quick notes but it seems to fail me when I want to organize longer notes. Areas I am struggling with (which could easily be me not understanding how to do something):

  • I love using bullet points and nesting sub-points but Drafts for Mac does not allow me to tab or Cmnd + ] to create a sub-point

  • Not being able to capture screenshots, etc. is a game changer for the work I want to capture

  • I cannot put my finger on it but the UI seems to lack something on the Mac. This is, of course, a personal preference

The Mac app is brand new and is subject to intense future development. It should get all the features of the iOS app.

It is still mainly markdown, so not really formatting like in Word. But you can try sth mentioned here:

For me, I’d like to use it this way. But what I didn’t like about Drafts (Mac) is that after I actioned on this note, for instance sending via email, there is no indication on Drafts that I have actioned on it, unless I manually archive it or file it. Did I miss any settings?

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You haven’t missed anything yet. On iOS, you run an action which, when complete, can automatically move a draft to the archive or the trash. Actions aren’t available yet on Mac, but they’re coming.

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Thanks. I also like Evernote’s implementation of the menu bar, where I can immediately type in the drop down menu, where as Draft’s new-draft is to open the app.