To Textexpand(er) or not?

I’ve recently changed my job, and now I only use about 6 snippets each month.

They’re very simple ones.

And I do like TE, however, I’m not using it nearly as much as I did.

Before I renew, are there alternatives, maybe in the MacOS that I should try?

As always, suggestions (good and bad) awarded the appropriate karma points ; )



I use stock text replacement for the basics, Alfred for some, and Keyboard Maestro for others. I only use stock text replacement on iOS.


I have been using aText since TextExpander went to the subscription model. I find Keyboard Maestro isn’t great since it doesn’t recognize word boundaries.

If you don’t need an iOS app, then I second the recommendation for aText. It’s a $5 one-time purchase and works almost the same as TextExpander.

If you use Setapp, there’s also Rocket Typist which I am not familiar with, but seems like works very much the same way.

I like Typinator. Same functionality as Textexpander on the Mac. There is no iOS integration though. The same company makes KeyCue

Add another long term and happy aText user to the list. :+1:

+1 for Typinator

Way better than TextExpander. TE is good at charging subscription and rarely releasing any useful updates.


If they are really simple, just use System Preferences → Keyboard → Text.

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For use 6 snippets, you definitely don’t need TE.

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Do any of the alternatives do things like fill-ins, etc.? Or are they purely expansion of simple snippets?

I’ve discovered that I often end up paying for my aspirations rather than my actual use. I like to think I need (or will need) all the features of TextExpander, but I’m pretty sure I don’t (and won’t). Sometimes I think it’s worth continuing the subscription as self-encouragement to implement those extra power-user moves, but eventually there comes a time to reconsider. I think I’m reaching that point with TextExpander.

Well said.

Keyboard Maestro can do a lot. I have used variables in pasted snippets, at least. In general, though, I imagine KM subsumes TE.

I believe aText does. There’s a free 21-day trial so you can download it and try it yourself if you’re interested.

Typinator has a broad advanced features list. I did not run into problems when I moved from TextExpander to Typinator.

Thanks everyone for the options and opinions.

I do want to have IOS and MacOSx sync, but don’t know if possible…

Lots of thinks to think about and try…I greatly appreciate the feedback!


If that’s the case, then I think TextExpander is really your only option, if for no other reason than some apps have TextExpander integration, and I’m not sure of any other similar apps that have such integration.

If you have Alfred and Hazel (what a lovely couple!) it’s not too hard to set up sync with the last pre-subscription version of TE. Details here: