Today I hit this milestone

On to the next 1000!


NICE! My current streak is 457. I had a 589 day streak going when I missed it by 80 calories on 1/23/21 :sob:


Aww, what a shame - such a good streak!

Keep going, it is possible… :grinning:


Nicely done!

I had several of my long streaks broken because of a failure when changed iPhones last fall :frowning:

I used to run every day so that wasn’t a problem for me. I set it at 750 when I got my first watch, left it there, and easily exceeded it every day. After years of running, I began to find it too stressful to run on weekends and opted for walking instead. I’ve been setting mine down to 700, but will probably go to 600 so that I can make it every day. I really wish that I could set a “weekend goal” so that my weekday goal would be more meaningful.

When I startet with my Series1, I increased the goal weekly, as the watch recommended, but ended up pretty quickly in areas, where I would never be able to reach the goal, without extraordinary stress.
I figured out (I don’t know if they where there from the beginning) that there are also badges for 200%, 300% and 400% of your goal, so I settled my goal to a value, so that I’m able to reach the 400% badge on a very good day.
I know, that with this, the first goal is reached rather easily, but if I set the first goal to a value, that i hardly made, the other 3 badges wouldn’t make any sense for me, and additional it is better for the mood, to reach some goal, than to miss it every second day.