Today's Proverbs from the Farm

“Choosing a Herd Bull (Or Flock Ram) when they are young is like choosing a son in law when they are in fifth grade: It’s tough and inaccurate.” James Coffelt in May 2019 Stockman Grass Farmer magazine.

This is just as I’m deciding names for ram lambs, are you Brat 1, Brat 2, Brat 3? Or perhaps Rack, Roast or Chops? Or do you look like you might deserve a real name, like Bingo, or Bartholomew, or Baggins? (This year all lambs need names starting with the Letter ‘B’)

Ram lambs right nw need to be on their best behavior. I’m looking for sheep whose best and highest use is on a plate.

Beware the shepherdess with a couple glasses of wine on board, a database of sheep and a slaughter date in 1 month…