Todoist action in Shortcuts stopped working - strange error message

I’ve been using the “Add to Todoist” action in Shortcuts for months without a problem. However, starting today, it throws the following error message at me.

Has anyone experienced the same problem and/or knows of a solution?

I have already tried to create a new shortcut with just the Todoist action in it, logged out of Todoist in Shortcuts and back in, restarted my iPad and tried it on my iPhone - I always get the error.

I use these shortcuts multiple times a day to manage a big work project, which means that I have a huge problem right now…

have you reported this to the Todoist developer?

Yes, I contacted them earlier today.

But I was wondering whether somebody else is experiencing the same issue today and/or might be able to help. :slight_smile:

To follow up: So far, I do not have a solution. Todoist told me on Twitter that there is nothing they can do since the Todoist integration is managed by Shortcuts.

Does one of you use the Todoist integration in Shortcuts and experiences the same issue? Would be good to know whether it‘s a widespread problem or not.
So far, I tried on three different devices with two separate Apple IDs without any luck.

Here‘s the answer from Todoist support:

Hi Sylvan,

Sadly, this an issue on Apple’s end. That said, soon we’ll introduce our own “Add to Todoist” shortcut that will replace the current one developed by Apple. We’re working hard to make it available it available as soon as we can, hopefully sometime over the next few weeks, so please stay tuned.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience!

So, it seems to be a wait-and-see problem. :man_shrugging:t3:

Just a quick follow up, in case somebody else runs into this problem. As a workaround, you can duplicate your shortcut and replace the “Add to Todoist” action with the “Send Email” action. In Todoist, you can then get a project-specific email adress to which you can send upcoming tasks. Then just put the title followed in the subject field of the email. If you want to add a specific due date, you can do so by entering <date “date” “time”> after the title.