Todoist - yearning for scripting

I am a long time Todoist user and I really like it. But I am yearning for some kind of scripting support like Applescript. I use Hazel, Alfred, and Devonthink and I think about several of the neat ways that I could automate todo creation. But they all require Applescript :frowning: And I dont seem them adding anything like that.

I know there are a lot of Todoist users here. Is anybody fretting about this limitation or am I just expecting too much?

You might be aware, but looks like it is scriptable with Python and their API, or Drafts.
So maybe there’s hope.


There’s a public API:

You don’t need Python to work with it - any language that you can contort into talking to an API works. Even better than having AppleScript :slight_smile: But Python/JS/TS have official SDKs that might make it a little easier.

I hadn’t even thought of this. Thank you all. It gives me something else to play with :slight_smile: