Toggl (or Timery) report

Hi all!

I’ve got my Timery nicely set up using Shortcuts. I primarily use this for my job, where I need to record my time across multiple projects.

I need a report that shows time spent on each project. I’ll run this on a Friday at the end of the working day and it needs to show each date, the projects worked on and how long I worked on each project.

I’ve tried doing something with Charty but I can’t figure out how to do it. Best outcome though would be a table, with projects down the side and dates across columns.

Does anyone have a workflow to create weekly Toggl reports by day?


If you go to, there is a Report button there. It allows exporting to a PDF or CSV. At this point, that’s about all I know about it, having just started using Toggl and Timery.

I think you get emails with weekly reports. Not sure if it meets your criteria in terms of detail though.

I was hoping for something that I could visualise in Charty or something fancy. All good - thanks!

I believe this feature is for Premium subscribers.

I’m starting to play around with clockify. They have a free option and I’m playing around with integrating with Integromat. If you’re looking for a free option you can use both of these for free to start. Don’t have all the details yet, but will report back with what I find out…

No, I get them and no premium.