Toggl Track for Apple Watch

Anyone else explored this Apple Watch version of Toggl Track?


Here’s a quick screenshot of how some of the complications look on the Infograph face. I wish there was a “large” complication for the Modular face.

So far, it seems to start/stop timers well. I haven’t figured out how often it syncs on its own, but if you force touch the watch with the toggl app open, you can refresh and force a sync. This is pretty crucial if you are starting/stopping timers via apps like Timery.

So strange that they don’t have this tied to the actual Toggl track iOS app (at least to my knowledge), but I’m still pretty happy with this just existing!

To be honest, I think we are all waiting for Timery to make an Apple Watch app though…

Happy Sunday,


plausible excuse to buy an Apple Watch :grimacing:

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