Toggle switch with home+

I have home+ app and would like to use my hue dimmer switches as a toggle switch. Now this should be possible, but I can’t figure out how.

How can I make an if - then - else construct in home+?

For “if … then” try “Under the condition” (of an accessory state) in the Automation tab?

(no “else” though)

Yup - that is as far as I got - I think, I am missing something in the Home+ logic…

OK - I found the solution: Two automations, one for on (button press and status off) switches on, the second one for off (button press and status on).



I actually do something similar with my Hue taps to let most of their buttons be toggles (turn light on/off).

Sorry for not realizing that your request was more about toggling than “if - then - else”.