toketaWare is out of business, and along with it iThoughtsX

iThoughtsX is a wonderful mind mapping app. Sad to see, the developer, toketaWare, announced today that it has ceased trading. There will be no more updates to the software, and no support at all. If the apps for macOS, Windows, or iOS/iPadOS are installed, they will keep running until something Apple does breaks them in the future.

SetApp announced to subscribers that if they have the app installed, using their SetApp subscriptions before 2024-02-02, then it will continue working. But it will not be installable from that date forward.



I was afraid that would happen. I relied on the app to avoid a subscription to MindNode (which I like better), but because I was concerned about the long-term viability of iThoughts, I had yet to cancel my subscription to MindNode. I may look for other non-subscription-based mind-mapping apps or just use OmniOutliner; I’m not sure yet.

When that happens to a developer and they can’t find a buyer for the code, the least they could do for their loyal users is open source it. They don’t have to manage it as an open source project, just dump it on GitHub with a permissive license and a notice that anyone is free to fork it.


I couldn’t agree more with you on this. That would be the courteous thing to do.


Well if anyone wants to share their key now… :wink:

Well that’s a pain. iThoughtsX is the only mind mapping tool I’ve come across that works well with Hook, MindNode links to the file whilst iThoughtsX links to individual nodes.

Any alternatives?

I may look for other non-subscription-based mind-mapping apps or just use OmniOutliner; I’m not sure

Have you tried Freeform yet for that use? I haven’t delved into it much so far.

I have played some with it but have yet to use it for mind mapping. That is a good suggestion; I’ll give it a try. :+1:t2:

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Interesting that responses show no concern for the sole-developer who worked to build the product for over a decade, Craig, or his well-being, or whatever lead to an obviously painful and abrupt decision. Instead I read that maybe he should give his work away, or maybe people should give away their license codes.

Obviously, this is 2024.



A shame. iThoughts and iThoughtsX are excellent apps - I was using them from when they first came out (I know the dev says 11 years, but I was definitely using it as early as 2010- I have a PDF to prove it!). IIRC correctly, the iPad version was first out of the gate.

I hope the dev has had a successful run - it’s overall the best mind-mapping tool in the Apple ecosystem


iThoughts would be one of my desert island apps, if that was a thing. So sorry to see this news.

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Bummer. I bought and used the heck out of iThoughts for years. It was so powerful. Sad that it was overcome by more basic, prettier apps with recurring revenue models. Sign of the times.

Many thanks and best wishes to Craig.


I was not aware this was the work of a solo developer. That’s a huge shame, and I feel bad for him.


I am genuinly sad to see this happen. I really enjoyed the app. I seemed to be using it forever. I am sad to see it go.


I agree, and I regret not expressing that. It must be heartbreaking, and I don’t know how much he and his family were dependent on the income for this. I also didn’t know it was a solo project.

I’ve never used or even tried iThoughtsX, but I do think when an app people have come to depend on ceases to be commercially viable, the developer doesn’t have anything to lose by open sourcing it for the good of the community that has gathered around it.

At the same time, when it’s a solo project like this or a small partnership, they should allow themselves and be granted some time and grace to mourn their loss and take care of their families first, and if they choose not to share their work, that’s their decision to make.

cc @KVZ


That is a shame. I was not aware and appreciate the “heads up”.
I liked iThoughts a lot. I feel for the developer who is to be congratulated for such a good app.
I used iThoughts before switching to MindNode, mainly for compatibility with family. I still have some historically important (to me) iThoughts mind maps, so I had better save or convert them in another format.

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I have used the app for 11 years, and I am really sad that it is no more.
Craig Scott the developer has been very helpful over the years with both support requests, questions or issues.

I wish Craig all the best, I did try to reach out and thank him for the app, but the only email address was related to the company.

Craig if you see this Thanks and all the best for the Future


Yep. Add my voice to the chorus of thanks, sadness and regret.
A most wonderful app which I have used throughout the day for a decade. Used to plan everything.
Now at a crossroads. Cannot abide the kindergarten sweetness of Mindnode (uggh).
Maybe back to the equally amazing TheBrain 14 app. (Sorry Mr B, you will have apoplexy when viewing the subcription pricing page).


This one hurts. I’ve had MindNode and iThoughtsX and used them differently. iThoughtsX was what I used for very large mental models and mapping systems, but also used it for having control of the design and layout.

MindNode is what I use as a back and forth for OmniOutliner.

I really should find a replacement for iThoughtsX. It was really good with details of design.


You may want to check out XMind.