Too Many App-Specific Passwords

So…trying yet another email client (Preside). When I tried to generate an app-specific password, I got the error message that I had generated too many already! Who knew Apple had defined the number of third-party apps we can use? The answer is 25.

For sure, reviewing the list of apps revealed a problem. Here we go:

  • Airmail
  • Airmail 3
  • Edison
  • Spark
  • Outlook
  • Dispatch

You get the idea without me listing all 25 It’s easy to review the history and check the x to delete the password.

Use the same one :), the apps do not care :stuck_out_tongue: - To be clear, I’m am aware that if protecting relevant data you should be more careful with your passwords, but if not, then re-use it

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Ha, nope, I want to not make it easy to go back and keep trying all those dang email clients. I will stick with MailMate running all the time to manage email with rules, then do the minimum email I can get away with on iOS.

My post was more about how easy it is to get carried away looking for the perfect email client that about a solution to generating too many passwords.

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I feel the pain. I use gmail as my default account but I still need iCloud calendars and contacts and that means taking an app demo for a spin often requires creating an ASP. Not a fun process would love for Apple to fix it. Security doesn’t have to be painful.

I mainly do 1 app specific per service.
So 1 for mail, 1 for calendar etc.
That keeps the number down, and me under the 25 limit.

I would suggest btw you send your feedback to apple anyway, they might increase the number if they get it.

The post wasn’t really to address a problem. 25 is fine. But what causes any developer to hardcode a limit? How much does an app-specific password cost???

Use a well known paid password manager like 1password or lastpass and utilize their build inn 2FA

@MacExpert that won’t help here. There’s no way to use 2FA in this context.

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It will help because the other programs have unlimited passwords. I currently have 1447 passwords and notes stored in my vault.

The 2FA is just a nice extra to increase the Security and workflow because 1Password copies the temporary code to your clipboard so you just have to paste it.

There are people go to far as using just one single password thinking that the 2FA will protect them. But thats not what this intended for. In your case you will have 25 different passwords… At least use unique strong passwords for all your important accounts and repeat passwords for the less sensitive ones. I do hope that these accounts do have 2FA available…

to clarify: the question here is about icloud app specific passwords, NOT app specific passwords as in unique passwords per app.

In that case 2FA is not what the issue is, iCloud arbitrary limits on app specific passwords that can be generated is…

Apple requires icloud generated app specific passwords for 3rd party client access to its services like email / calendar etc. see the help page

nothing to do with 2FA

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Ah now I understand, guess you have to make some space and revoke some of the App specific passwords.