Too many devices for Apple Music?

What is this? Apple Music won’t let me download any music. How can I have too many devices? Does Apple only want me to buy a certain amount of devices? There is nowhere in the music all to remove devices so the only thing I can think of is I would need to remove devices from being connected to my iCloud.

I’m thinking it might be a 15.1 beta problem because my iPad running 15.0 is letting me download the songs

I think this will do what you’re looking for:


I’m having the same issue and the problem I have after I traded in my phone yesterday - this next one put me over the limit - and it looks like its a week before I can do anything about.

So I guess the questions would be how to remove these before the time expires, what happens when the 7 days on the MacBook Pro above is up - how long do I have to remove the device before it re-associated?

According to the following you can sign out of your AppleID on the device you want to remove.

This is probably a remnant of iTunes. I know if you have purchased tracks the license would only work on up to 5 authorized computers at a time.

Is your entire library Apple Music or is the iTunes tracks?

Out of curiosity, are you on a family plan or a personal one?


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