Took over the media play/pause key > Toggl + Nativefier + Keyboard Maestro

This was inspired by discussion in MPU #480, specific to Toggl and Fluid. Extracting Toggl from the browser sounds lovely.

After browsing Fluid and Epichrome a bit, I settled on using Nativefier to spin up a nice little Toggl Electron app.

Here’s the script I used to create the app:
npm nativefier --name "Toggl Timer" --show-menu-bar --basic-auth-username "EMAIL@EMAIL.COM" --basic-auth-password "1PASSWORDSTUFFS"

Awesome. A local Toggl app :heavy_check_mark:

Because ADHD, I also created a Keyboard Maestro macro which runs this logic:
When I press the :play_or_pause_button: key on my BT keyboard, check if the Toggl app is at the front. If yes, start a new timer. If not, focus the app. I never thought this button would be cool! Unfortunately it appears we can’t grab control over the play key on the native keyboard, so I added a typed string trigger as well. Less cool.

To start the timer I’m running a Toggl API CURL via Keyboard Maestro, with blank everything. I’d prefer to run JSX on the Start/Stop button within the app but couldn’t figure that out.

There’s one other step needed so iTunes doesn’t hijack the play button and launch itself. Thanks to Justin Pot @ for the script:
launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/


@RosemaryOrchard thought you might dig this one :wave:

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to look up nativifier.

Karabiner-Elements might help in your play/pause button takeover.