Tool or workflow for Stencils / images /icons searching and embedding in documents


Do you know of a MacOS tool that would be available system-wide (menu bar, Alfred, KM), let me enter a keyword to do an online image search, show some grid of results and allow to quickly export the selected result as file or to the clipboard?
Actually, something very similar to Curios Sleuth but accessible outside Curio.

I have several use-cases for that:

  • Illustrate nodes on Mindnode
  • Create illustrated keys on the StreamDeck
  • Create composite diagrams / illustrations in slides / PPT / Omnigraffle / Curio…

I am not convinced that Alfred or Keyboard Maestro would be suitable options for that since the workflow would entice more than text interactivity.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Update, I ended up settling on the Mac App for the the Noon project - I have been testing the free version and will most likely chip in for a year worth of subscription.

The workflow is super smooth, for example, here is my #streamdeck profile for Google Slides after 3 min of using the app: