Tool to save location of windows across multiple workplace setups?

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I have many specific windows that I need to open when I get to work. I’d like a way to “save the location” of each window on my dual monitor displays. I have 3 different work stations, each with slightly different setups.

I’m using Keyboard Maestro right now, and if there’s a way to get it to remember to save the window location (like have it take up half the screen on my second montior) that would be ideal!

My dream setup would be to click one button, and have every window that I need open open properly and return to it’s saved location.

I believe KM can do this. I use Moom for window set-ups.

The only problem I’ve come across, and it seems like this is a limitation in the os itself, is that I can’t get windows to move to different spaces other than the ones that are active on screen. This, evidently, is because there is no way to access spaces programmatically. Moom has a good explanation on its website explaining this limitation.

With Moom you can “Move windows across displays—and with chained commands, zoom them to new sizes and locations while moving” You can save presets for apps/windows.

This brief thread discusses using Keyboard Maestro.

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Check out @MacSparky’s excellent video on the topic here: