Need Mac OS software/utility suggestion for specific window management

Just upgraded to 2 x 4k uhd monitors and want to use the right/secondary monitor as a reference screen. I’m looking for a Mac OS app that when I open say messages, it will always open on the second monitor (say on the top right corner), and calendar on the bottom right and maybe finder on the whole left side of the 2nd monitor. Ideally I’d like the process to automatic, say everytime i boot up the apps will just be in their correct spot.

Anybody have any suggestions or experiences with BTT, moom, workspaces, etc…?


Keyboard Maestro is a great option that would give you plenty of flexibility. You can trigger a macro that runs automatically when an app launches that can, among other things, adjust the window size and location.

If you haven’t used Keyboard Maestro before, you might want to consider purchasing David Spark’s excellent Keyboard Maestro Field Guide. I also recommend checking out the Keyboard Maestro Forum.

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Thanks, yeah, I thought of KM but I don’t have that installed and figured there is probably a specialized app that does that very trick.
Maybe this is my motivation to jump in the water and get the field guide :slight_smile:

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I would also recommend KM. I have not seen anything else that would do it automatically, although Moom can save window position snapshots, and trigger them,

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Ok… this was the push I needed to dive into keyboard maestro :flushed: ! I first downloaded moom, but couldn’t get it to work as needed. So, I purchased KM and Dave’s field guide. I dedicated 2 hours and watched the field guide and was able to figure it out!! Felt like magic when it worked!
Note, there was one item i got snagged up on when following Davids Field guide: when configuring the windows management for 2nd external display it would only show up on the main display. (you change main to external, but that wasn’t working for me) So I did some research and changed it from main / external to 1/2 and that solved the problem.

Now if i could only specific a specific desktop (say external monitor 2 with finder left side and calendar right side, etc…):thinking:

Thought I’d share, thanks


Glad it worked! KM is really powerful, and you’ll enjoy it I think.