Tools / Apps for Using MailChimp on a Mac?

We are using MailChimp for sending emails from our church to the congregation.

I realize MailChimp thinks they don’t need a Mac app because “we’re a website!” but I’m wondering if there are Mac apps designed to help prepare/send emails via Mailchimp on the Mac.

(I don’t care about subscriber ‘monitoring’ or any of that nonsense, I just care about being able to send the emails as easily as possible.)

Any help appreciated except suggestions any variation of “use a different email service” which will earn you one (1) free combination “atomic wedgie” and “swirly”.

Thank you.

As far as sending goes, you can email into mailchimp from your Mac’s email client but it’s pretty limited. It may be a start though.

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I find I can write messages offline – I currently use Drafts or Obsidian for that – and paste as rich text into the Mailchimp Web interface.

If I want to embed images or a YouTube video in a message, I need to do the message in chunks: First block of text, image, next block of text, and so on.

That’s for one campaign I manage. For another, I just have an RSS feed from my blog pointing to MailChimp. Set and forget.

MailChimp isn’t great but it’s not bad enough to make me want to switch.

Same (ish) here. I write in Drafts (following the rule ‘never write in the browser’)…but I use the Markdown to HTML action and paste HTML into the source box in Mailchimp. With the simple HTML created by Drafts, Mailchimp makes things look nice.

The problem I’ve been having with Mailchimp (for exactly your use case @tjluoma) is that one of the biggest ISPs in my country (that lots of older folk use for the email) seems to block emails from Mailchimp (not just putting them in a SPAM folder, but rejecting them entirely). I think I’ve done everything right with DKIM and SPK, but nothing’s working, so I’m considering moving to a new system.

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Ugh. That’s frustrating. Which ISP? I want to check our list before we start using it and I have a bunch of congregation members who can’t get email.

We ended up having to go to the lowest-tier paid plan on mailchimp when a big chunk of our membership started getting emails blocked in the same fashion. A local person advised me that the free mailchimp tier is often blocked as spam, because it is often abused by spammers.

Good tip in html rather than rich text. Thanks!

For me it was mainly Bigpond/Telstra (in Australia).

I think @MitchWagner is right—the servers/ip addresses they use for the free service are often abused. And so moving to another free system will probably hit the same problems.

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