Tools for simple map creation

Hello. I’d love a little help creating a simple map which shows a dozen locations which are stops on a Portland community bus tour.

I want to make it easy for attendees to see where these locations are in relation to the conference center and to each other.

I would like to add a label with the name of the community at its approximate location.

What low-cost or free services, can you recommend?

I’ll be printing them and uploading it to our event software for attendees to access.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

You could use something based on Leaflet.js - this is very flexible, but it depends on the service implementing it as to how easy it is. If you have a WordPress website you can use the Leaflet Map plugin to generate these which gives you the information on the website and then of course a screenshot can be printed.

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This might do it:

And Google has its own tools as well.