Top down or bottom up?

Hi everyone!

So I’ve started using Obsidian and absolutely love it and have started using it for all my note taking (although my question applies to any app).

I have a note for various people I speak to, and a lot of my work involves jumping between multiple subjects between, and often within meetings.

Currently my one on one meetings live in the note for the person I am speaking to, and I always scroll to the bottom of the page to carry on writing. However this means that over time, the information at the top of the page (what you see when you open the note) becomes increasingly less relevant and I need to scroll down increasingly far to get to where I want to type. However, if I were to start at the top of the page, I find that having all my notes move down as I type would be really distracting!

So… do you encounter this issue, and if so, how do you deal with it? I’m looking for some inspiration!


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Newest at the top, with date headings for everything previous. This is one of the great advantages of digital over analog imho.


I’ve managed to get used to newest on top.
When writing, Brain would prefer adding to the bottom, but on retrieval, Brain likes new content on top.

If it’s super distracting to have old notes move down while typing, you could add enough blank lines so you can’t see the old notes. Afterward, clean up the blank lines.

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Echoing @dfay suggestion for using headers, you can collapse them and this clutter won’t show up.

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Full disclosure. Not an Obsidian user.

Have two markdown documents open each day in Byword app: “today.txt” and the most recent monthly roll-up file, currently “August 2021.txt”. So my document for today never gets too unwieldy. Tomorrow, I’ll append its text to the monthly roll-up file and start with a nearly empty “today.txt” (empty but for the ever changing template of my own creation pulled in from Keyboard Maestro).

I keep the monthly roll-up (and eventually, the annual roll-up) in my everything bucket app but leave the “today.txt” as an ordinary macOS document to reduce index churn.


Another alternative would be separate notes for each meeting and either linking to them or transcluding them in the note for that person.


I would love to use links or file transclusion, but being a bear of very little brain :slightly_smiling_face:, I’m resistant to the complexity it would add to my otherwise plain text files.

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For me it is top down. I’ve gotten used to hitting CMD + down-arrow in preview and CTRL + down-arrow in edit mot to jump to the end of the document when opening it.

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Yes I encounter the issue and I always post the latest things at the top of the note so it’s first I see.

old programmer here I’m used to LIFO stacks of stuff :wink: