Tot (iOS) is on sale now

I’ve been enjoying using Tot on my macs, but I was always hesitant to buy the iOS version because of its price.
But now it is on sale (50%), so it may be a good time to buy this app. Probably I will end up buying it.

So I’m posting it for those who may be interested.


I love Tot and was happy to pay full freight for the iOS version. Sounds like a good time to get in if you’re on the fence about it.


May I ask a silly question? What is Tot? I have a bad habit of buying things on sale, so would like to look at it more…:grin:

Ok. Never mind, I think I found it. Thank you for the post. I can finally move my random code snippets to one tool.

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Agree it was worth every penny…

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I actually regretted buying it. It’s pretty buggy and doesn’t get much updates at all. Now with Quick Notes I don’t see it being useful unless you really want markdown.

I really like it, but I go through waves of using it and not using it as much, depending how busy I am — but more, depending how many different projects I’m working on.

It’s nice to have a single place to jot things down; then I can move them to my task list, calendar or permanent notes when I have a moment to breathe.


Tot is mainly my “to buy” list for the grocery store, Target, book store, etc. I do tuck away a few other items it might be nice to know when I’m out and about. I have had excellent luck making a note on the Mac and having it quickly and reliably appear on my iPhone. Works better than any other app or scheme that I have tried.

It’s currently listed at $10. I quite like it on the desktop, but not enough to shell out that much money, when there are other options to do similar things.

Apparently I already own Tot. Haha. It never sparked joy for me. I think the tabbed colors solve a problem I’ve never perceived (multiple stickies taking up too much room on the screen), and I’m not really looking for constraints in a scratchpad. Tot as some kind of larger Hemingway-style editor that lets you work on seven stories at once could be awesome; I need a lot of help there.

Seems pretty late, but I just started using Tot and liking it as a lightweight scratchpad.

However, I can see the menu bar icon that they show in the App Store pics for some reason, is that feature still available for others?

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 22.48.14

Settings, Control with: Menu Bar Icon.


Weird “Menu Bar Icon” was not showing up for me. I re-installed and restarted machine and now it shows. Thanks @Stephen_C