Touch ID — can’t activate “purchases” toggle

I am using macOS Ventura on a Mac Studio M2 with the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. I am unable to activate the toggle for “Use Touch ID for purchases in iTunes Store, App Store, and Apple Books.” All the other toggles in the “Touch ID & Password” category work, but not that one. When I try to turn it on, I’m presented with a password prompt. I fill it in and submit it, but then the toggle goes off and won’t accept my attempts to turn it on. All other Touch ID-related functionality appears normal. I’ve had this problem since getting both the Mac and this keyboard last month. I haven’t had any luck in my search for similar reports. Is there something I need to do somewhere on one of my other iDevices with the same Apple ID, or some other fix I can apply?

Do you have a valid and current card in Apple Wallet on that machine?


Well, that’s another interesting thing. I saw your reply and figured that must be it. I went to add one for the Mac, and got the “Apple Pay cannot be used when automatic login is enabled” message. Then I went to “Users & Groups” to deal with that, and saw that “Automatically log in as” was already turned off because FileVault is enabled. So… ?? :person_shrugging:

(Also, for what it’s worth, “Use Touch ID for Apple Pay” does allow me to toggle it on. Whether that affects your answer, I can’t know.)