Touch ID not working on iPAD Pro (10.5”) after updating iOS - update: working now

I’ve just updated my iPAD to iOS 13.3 and touch ID is not working anymore.

Is this a known bug? Can’t find much info about it.


If it is, I haven’t heard about it, and you’d think it would have been big news.

Have you tried deleting your saved Touch ID config and re-adding your fingerprint? If so, are you getting any error messages, or what happens?

Yeah it’d have been big news :grinning: that’s why I decided to write it in here as I couldn’t find any…

I restarted it, cleaned the home button (and my fingers to ensure no grease was affecting) and none of my figerprints would workd.

Switch off. Switch it back on 4 hours later and it’s working.

Feeling confused!..but happy that’s working :grinning:


It was definitely probably maybe sunspots.