Touch interface for Macs? Did Apple show their hand?

An animated touching interface was posted on the Mac App Store (the Mac App Store), then was removed and replaced with a static image sans-hand.

The replacement:


They have certainly not:

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Looks like someone just leaked the 2021 17in iPad Pro.

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Once you touch a computer screen you can’t stop. I work with touch interfaces on Windows and my work Windows laptop has a touch screen. It’s not something you use all day every day for Word and Excel but it’s there for when it’s the fasted way to do something - for example I hit the Windows key and then touch the icon I want on my Windows start screen, which I edited to have all the apps and folders I need and none of the non-work related apps it comes with out of the box.
It’s really frustrating that Apple still doesn’t offer touch displays on Macs. At this point it’s an absurd political divide - iPad has a touch display because it’s right and proper, Mac doesn’t because gorilla arms. Sigh.

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I can’t imagine touching my iMac. Imagine how dirty the screen would get.

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I am using my iPad with the keyboard pretty often and I am delighted Apple finally introduced a trackpad. For me personally, touching a computer screen makes no sense. But maybe I’m old.

I use a trackpad equipped Magic Keyboard with my iPad and I still touch the screen quite a bit (I touched the “reply” button on the screen to start this post).

I don’t have to, I remember the fingerprint covered iMac screens of several of my users. And their, ugh, keyboards :nauseated_face:


I don’t see me touching my iMac, the screen is to big and far away. Touching the screen of a MacBook could be handy, I’m doing it daily with my iPad and keyboard.

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Quote: “not remotely considering something about touch

I’m calling bullshit on this. While they might not be planning to release touch-screen enabled Macs anytime soon, I would be very surprised if they didn’t at least “remotely consider” future-proofing their redesign for possible.

I also feel Apple has been at a similar point before with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which took quite a bit out of the iOS playbook, with their change to scrolling behaviour (reversed scrolling direction, rubber-band effects, gestures etc.) - though they didn’t double down on it by releasing a touchscreen Mac.

I sure as hell hope they never release a touchscreen Mac. I’ve had enough Windows 10 in my life. :slightly_smiling_face:

At least two professional vendors offer wired connectors and proprietary streams from MacBook to PC/mobile phone/tablet (with little loss in speed). These paid apps and adapters allow engineers, artists, and enthusiasts to use the Mac with external PCs, pens, and touchscreens. The best are not wireless.

However, also built into the MacBook Pro is the ability to connect to iPad Pro or other newer versions and use the iPad as your screen, wirelessly.

It operates more like a remote session than a second monitor; and has a dockable touchbar and menu bar.

I noticed some multitasking delays; and the feature partially interferes with the trackpad—resolved by closing the connection and trying again. Other times, dragging the mouse cursor to the MacBook causes the cursor to disappear. Meant to use your finger more than anything.

Finally, the mouse sometimes activates the app on the iPad and not the MacBook; and I struggled to drag the windows back to the MacBook. I have however managed to use third party Bluetooth keyboards or the magic keyboard on my iPad and iPhone. The future of Mac is more about voice and machine learning, but high tech alternatives for touch certainly exist if you upgrade to Pro or pay a third party. While touch is limited to the touch bar for now, you can add keyboard to the iPad; and competitor Asus has the ZenBook (or other related models) which expands the touchbar feature into dual, tilted-touch screens (offering two or more separate tiny virtual screens between display and keyboard); and even an awkward, touch-based ten-key (or calculator). So, it is possible.

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