Touchbar Volume button alternatives

Sorta solved my own problem, I think. This is more of an FYI since I have friends that have complained about this. I never would’ve assumed this. Question and answer follow below.

It’s definitely going to take a long time for me to get used to the touchbar but the one thing that drives me insane is that the volume up/down is only accessible once you hit the volume button.

Is there a way to change that so the up/down volume buttons are always shown?

I was actually going to ask if there was a way to control volumes using the keyboard. I was thinking that maybe I was going to use KM/Karabiner.

But then I found out that if you hold the volume button on the touchbar, you can immediately slide the volume. That is pretty cool.

And then digging further, I found out that you can customize the Control Strip although I’m bummed that it only seems that I can have 4 items in the Control Strip. That I can have a button to take a screenshot is REALLY handy for me. See you later brightness control.


Took me a moment to discover you could just touch & slide rather than needing to tap & then adjust volume as separate actions. it’s great once you figure it out though :slight_smile:

It takes to much focus to do this action. Just like these virtual controls in a car. Where you use to be able to change the fan speed by blindly reaching doen and adjust it. You now have look and focus to do this. Very distracting.